For the healthy minded traveller, the Hotel Brand matters

If you are a frequent traveler like me, and try to stay healthy and fit while on the road, EVEN Hotels might be the answer. I wished they had them in Saudi Arabia, where finding a gym which is women friendly is always a challenge.

Even Hotels is owned by IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) and will launch in the U.S. targeting a large and growing customer demand for healthier travel, at a mainstream price.

Over a span of 18 months, IHG closely analyzed emerging trends, conducted robust quantitative and qualitative studies, and talked to over 4,000 customers. The research showed a demand shift to a holistic wellness travel experience, and confirmed an unmet need among customers – staying healthy while they travel.

According to IGH, “There are 17 million healthier-minded travelers who find it hard to stay active and eat right, and often “fall off the wagon” when they travel”.

While wellness means different things to different people, guests want healthier options around 4 priority areas – exercise, eat, work and rest. Unique features of EVEN Hotels will include:

·         Exercise– Guest rooms designed for in-room workouts with multi-functional room amenities (e.g. coat rack that doubles as a pull up bar); best in class gym with equipment and group exercise activities; “Wellness Wall” for fitness options in walking distance, tips andequipment rental; personalized guest service to offer advice on fitness options, ideas and/or instruction; all baked into the service experience, at no added cost to the guest.

·         Eat– Nutritionally designed menus with a particular focus on natural, fresh, fit and energizing meals – available anytime; an open air café and bar; free flavored filtered water with glass bottles available to fill up and take back to the room; free coffee & mini-smoothies in the morning.

·         Work– Rooms with high speed Wi-Fi, multimedia ports, easy access to outlets, ample desk space; and social spaces in the bar and lobby.

·         Rest– Rooms offer revitalization and relaxation, including hypoallergenic linens, powerful showerheads, natural lighting, LED dimmers and antibacterial wipes

·         To learn more about EVEN Hotels, visit


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