Content isn’t cheap – Website Rebranding

Content isn’t cheap, entailing a multimillion-dollar commitment by Coca-Cola with their recent relaunch of their website

There’s now an editorial calendar that’s teeing up digital content four to five months out, managed by four full-time employees for the corporate website in addition to 40 freelance writers and photographers, not to mention the global and regional marketing and PR teams tapping into the entire Coca-Cola network of 700,000 system associates (staff and bottling partners) worldwide. That network of people has the potential to generate about “16 million Coke stories in the social graph,” commented Ashley Brown, director of digital communications and social media for the company.

Brown says the goal is to spark a debate, and host differing points of view, while showing the totality of Coca-Cola in a way that surprises and establishes a lively brand voice, one that Brown says had to be created “from scratch” with this launch. So how would he sum up that voice, as expressed through the new digital home of the Coca-Cola brand? “Smart, fun and fearless” — not exactly words you’d associate with the world’s biggest brand. And that’s the whole point.

“We’re going to make mistakes, of course, but risk is a good thing — sometimes you don’t succeed. We want to be where smart people go to read smart things they have to share with their network.”

For a brand which is 125 years old, it’s pretty progressive.



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