Trends within Organisation’s New Product Development

What should you be asking yourselves and your consumers if you are thinking of embracing the love & comfort trend within your organisation’s NPD?

Here are a selection of questions inspired by four brands that are working this consumer trend in the UK market:

Pack redesign: Loyd Grosman brand repositioning

  • Which elements of our brand values can be drawn out to communicate a warmer, more heartwarming emotional benefit? For example is it simply about the warmth and comfort that our product offers? Or is it more about the passion that our champion has for food and cooking?


A new consumer trend: ‘loving care’
Old brand design                 New brand design

New product: One (love)

  • Our new product positioning is particularly serious and worthy – how can we make it more accessible?
  • A heart shape is a clear and quick way to communicate love and care into the brand? But is it ownable within our category?
  • What does a heart shape signify in our category? Does it stand for caring and fuzzy do-good feelings? Or is it about heart health? If it is about heart health will this confuse potential consumers?

Brand repositioning: Warburtons

  • Can a subtle adjustment to our brand achieve our aim of being seen as friendly, more accessible and down to earth and reflect the comforting nature of our products? Or do we need to drop our current equities altogether to achieve it?

Old brand design                                                            New brand design

New products: Gu Puds

  • Is our brand beginning to look out of touch by looking cold and sterile in an age of austerity?
  • Can some of our new product launches embrace a friendlier, more comforting feel? Or does this feel at odds with our core brand values?
  • How can we inject some comfort appeal into our brand in a way that feels right for the brand? For example could we play up luxury and decadence in a stylish way to give a richer, deeper feel without becoming too brassy or twee?


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