The Brand Union rebrands Malabar Gold

The Brand Union, a part of the WPP group, a strategic global branding agency, announced the unveiling of Malabar Gold & Diamonds identity.

From humble beginnings in Kerala India, Malabar Gold is among the most trusted jewelry brand names in India and the GCC, with over 60 retail outlets and 10 wholesale divisions, with an annual turnover of $2.4bn in 2012. The company plans to establish 220 outlets across the globe with a revenue forecast of $6bn by 2015.

In line with its growth ambition, the Company needed a future proof brand strategy, proposition and identity to further its expansion into international markets.

The Brand Union Middle East project team, led by Tanita Sandhu, Executive Client Director, partnered closely with the client team to deliver the new strategy and identity. “When Malabar Gold came to us, they already had a strong brand reputation and their brand was known for delivering quality products based on trust, we used this platform as a basis to build the next chapter of the brand’s ambition which was to go international,” said Tanita.

Working closely with the client’s management team has been a true testimony to how a smart agency and client partnership should work, explained Tanita. “They were committed to keeping to project timelines, attended every session, made informed yet immediate decisions as a group, allowing for an efficient turnaround and more importantly co-created their new brand which will represent their future.”

“We chose to partner with The Brand Union as they had both the global network and knowledge pool of cultural and regional understanding which they clearly demonstrated in helping us craft our new brand strategy and identity,” said Mr. AP Ahmad, Chairman of Malabar Gold & Diamonds.

The Brand Union rebrands Malabar Gold

“Malabar Gold & Diamonds embodies the key attributes thathelp brands stand out – a strong sense of ambition and a commitment to providing genuine value to customers,” said Ambrish Chaudhry, Strategy Director at The Brand Union. Consumer research across key markets in India and the GCC showed that the brand was valued for its authenticity, transparency and focus on quality. “We wanted to build on the strong platform of trust that the brand has earned and fuse it with the passion, optimism and celebration that jewelry evokes. This is best conveyed in the new brand identity and brand line – celebrate the beauty of life.”

Malabar Gold outlets display a wide variety of Gold, Diamond, Pearl and PlatinumĀ ornaments, catering to the requirements of its multi-cultural and multi-national customers. The majority of ornaments at Malabar Gold outlets are in 22K and diamond ornaments are in 18K. To ensure utmost levels of quality, Malabar Gold sells ornaments which are certified by international agencies such as the International Gemological Institute (IGI), Platinum Guild International (PGI), etc.

Article as published AMEInfo.Com


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