Brand Perspective: Arab Spring Brand in the UAE is about Evolution and not Revolution

The Arab Spring is synonymous with the revolution among the youth. The Arab youth have been actively involved in the toppling of countries, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt to name a few. While the nature of the youth of those countries seems to be revolutionary, the youth of the UAE are more of the evolutionary kind. Craving to be seen as ‘normal’, and downplaying their ‘privileged’  as less of a right, and more of a conscious thankfulness,  the UAE youth efforts represent the other Arab Spring brand which celebrates respect, trust and being able to be who you are.

Here is an up coming brand which does just that.  Hip-Hop a genre generally associated with revolt is now being used to ‘revolt’ against stereotyping the Arab youth.   This brand is about celebrating their heritage, combining elements of their culture with that of the modern world to convey the essence of their identity to the rest of the world.

UAE rapper Khalifa Al Rumaithi  uses Hip Hop to make known his love for his country and his passion for what his country stands for, a sentiment captured in  his first single Ana Emirati which translates to I am Emirati. Incidentally, Khalifa also became the first Arab rapper to open for Snoop dog, at his concert held in Abu Dhabi recently.



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